globus-connect-server whoami - Show the currently logged-in primary identity


globus-connect-server whoami [OPTIONS]…​


The globus-connect-server whoami command displays the primary identity of the authorization token on the local machine.

Normally, this command displays its output in a tabular form. You can use the -F json option to view the full OpenID Connect identity token introspection response object.

If you do not have a valid a valid authorization token, this command displays an error message. You can run globus-connect-server login to obtain a new token.


-h, --help

Show help message and exit.


Show the version and exit.

-F, --format "text"|"json"

Select the output format for this command.


This example shows the current user’s token information in text form:

globus-connect-server whoami
Username         | Name       | ID                                   | Email
---------------- | ---------- | ------------------------------------ | ----------------- | Umbert Ser | 1a4eb5c8-f20e-4150-ae83-233082614183 |

This example shows the same token in json form:

globus-connect-server whoami -F json
    "email": "",
    "identity_provider": "76e2a632-7945-441f-be66-50f1997a3abd",
    "identity_provider_display_name": "Example University",
    "last_authentication": 1587662065,
    "name": "Umbert Ser",
    "organization": "",
    "sub": "1a4eb5c8-f20e-4150-ae83-233082614183",
    "username": ""

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