Globus Services

Identities & Groups

Globus Auth

The Globus Auth service, which provides accounts, OAuth2 login, and APIs to the rest of the Globus ecosystem.

Globus Groups

The Globus Groups service, which provides Groups, allowing users to handle collections of accounts, invite and remove users, and manage access and permissions within the Globus ecosystem referring to multiple accounts.

Data Management

Globus Transfer

The Globus Transfer service, for managing reliable data transfers and data sharing.

Globus Connect Server Manager API

The management API for Globus Connect Server, for automated management of Globus Connect Server installations. Acts as a federated service installed on user systems.

Globus Search

An open platform for making data searchable using Globus Auth and Globus Groups to manage visibility and access.


Globus Flows

The Globus Flows service, for creating reusable automation workflows integrating with the rest of the Globus ecosystem.

Managed Compute

Globus Compute

Flexible, high-performance computation on your research resources.


Helper Pages

A set of web pages provided by Globus, for easy integration with other web applications via a three-step redirection process.