globus-connect-server storage-gateway list - List storage gateways on an endpoint


globus-connect-server storage-gateway list [OPTIONS]…​


The globus-connect-server storage-gateway list command displays a summary of the storage gateways that exist on an endpoint.

By default, this command displays a table of data that includes the storage gateway name, id, connector, and whether it is a high assurance storage gateway or not. Alternatively, it can display a JSON document containing the list results. Use the -F json command-line option to enable this output format.

If you use the JSON output mode, you can add the --include-private-policies flag to include private storage gateway configuration data. This flag does not affect the output in text mode.


In order to view private configuration data for a storage gateway, you must an administrator role on the storage gateway assigned to one of your identities. You must have authenticated this identity within the authentication timeout of the storage gateway in order to view this data. For high assurance storage gateways you must perform the authentication within the active CLI session. If you do not meet the authentication timeout requirements, the public policies are still returned, but the private policies are omitted. Note that if there are multiple storage gateways on an endpoint with different authentication policies, the results may be a mix of those which include private policies and those that don’t.

Use the globus-connect-server session update command to update your session if you are not seeing the private policies due to the authentication timeout.


-h, --help

Show help message and exit.


Show the version and exit.


Flag to include the private policies. See the note above for information about requirements to view private policies.

-F, --format "text"|"json"

Output format for this command. If the format is json, then the Storage Gateway document is displayed.


This example lists two storage gateways on an endpoint:

globus-connect-server storage-gateway list
Display Name    | ID                                   | Connector | High Assurance
--------------- | ------------------------------------ | --------- | --------------
Data Gateway    | 9753aa17-066e-46e8-b87c-6c3a34dab602 | POSIX     |              0
HA Data Gateway | 0c7a4659-2616-43bd-a680-4e716c554efa | POSIX     |              1