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Last Updated: Apr 5, 2018

This page provides information about the Globus CLI, a standalone application that can be installed on the user’s machine and used to access the Globus service.

The CLI provides an interface to Globus services from the shell, and is suited to both interactive and simple scripting use cases.

It is open source and available at


Follow this guide to install the Globus CLI. Installing the globus-cli python packge will provide you with the globus command, which will be used throughout this documentation.


Once you install, you may want to try running through the QuickStart Guide.

Getting Help and Documentation

Full reference documentation for all CLI commands is available on our documentation site.

You can also view help for any command by passing the --help flag to that command. That will show you any subcommands and options supported by that command.

Try globus --help to get started.

Globus CLI Examples

In addition to the documentation, we have some examples of simple and common tasks as performed using the CLI. See the Examples Page.

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