globus-connect-server - Globus Connect Server configuration tool


globus-connect-server [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…​


The globus-connect-server command provides a command-line interface to managing a Globus Connect Server v5.4 endpoint. It provides commands for managing the endpoint itself, storage gateway access controls, collections, and roles. The globus-connect-server command interface is designed to be discoverable. It consists of a number of commands that each operate on some particular part of a Globus Connect Server configuration, with online help available. These pages provide an overview of all the commands as well as examples to help you understand this tool better.



Show the version and exit.

-h, --help

Show this message and exit.


globus-connect-server endpoint

Create and manage a Globus Connect Server Endpoint

globus-connect-server node

Create and manage a Globus Connect Server Data Transfer Node

globus-connect-server login

Log into Globus Auth to use the other globus-connect-server commands.

globus-connect-server logout

Delete local globus-connect-server login tokens.

globus-connect-server session

Refresh and view login information.

globus-connect-server endpoint

View and manage the endpoint’s configuration data and associated roles.

globus-connect-server storage-gateway

View and manage storage gateways ons and associated roles on an endpoint.

globus-connect-server collection

View and manage mapped and guest collections and associated roles on an endpoint.

globus-connect-server collection role
globus-connect-server endpoint role

View and manage roles associated with a collection or endpoint.

globus-connect-server node

View and manage Data Transfer Nodes associated with an endpoint.

globus-connect-server whoami

View login information.