Harness the power of the
Globus research data
management cloud.

Manage Your Data

Integrate Your App

  • Transfer & Sharing

    Integrate transfer and data sharing in your app

  • Auth

    Leverage a standards-based identity broker that facilitates authentication and authorization from over 1,000 identity providers

  • Groups

    Create and manage groups and their members

  • Search

    Store data, set visibility policies, and retrieve data through search queries

  • Compute

    Flexible, scalable, and high performance remote function execution

  • Python SDKs

    A convenient Pythonic interface to Globus Web APIs

  • JavaScript SDK

    Idiomatic JavaScript API that allows integration of Globus services in web applications and JavaScript runtimes (i.e., Node.js).

  • Web App Helper Pages

    Pre-built modules to help you quickly add Globus data management user interfaces to your app

  • Modern Research Data Portal

    A simple, yet functional, data portal to demonstrate how the Globus platform may be used to serve data to a research community

Make Your Data Accessible

  • Globus Connect Server

    Create a Globus endpoint on multi-user systems such as lab servers, campus research computing clusters, and other high-performance computing or storage resources.

  • Globus Connect Personal

    Move data to or from any modern Windows, macOS or Linux machine using Globus

  • Premium Connectors

    Enable a uniform interface for accessing, moving, and sharing across a diverse set of storage systems