Services for Globus Connect Server endpoints may be deployed on multiple different physical resources, referred to as Data Transfer Nodes. Each node may have one or more IP addresses, TCP incoming and outgoing port ranges, and a status value indicating whether it is configured to actively respond to requests or is in maintenance mode.

Node Document

The Data Transfer Node document has the following properties:

Name Type Description


string node#1.0.0

Type of this document


string uuid

Unique id string for this node. This is system generated and should not be included in create requests.


array (string)

IP addresses of the node.


string active, inactive

Current status of the Node. If a Node is marked inactive, it is not included in the DNS entry for this endpoint, and any attempts to use the GCS Manager API or attempt a Transfer using this node will fail.


array[2] (integer)

Allowed port range for incoming TCP data connections.


array[2] (integer)

Port range used as the source for outgoing TCP data connections.

Example Node Document
  "DATA_TYPE": "node#1.0.0",
  "id": "5a91ee5a-b28f-44b8-b0cb-2adbd5beee2c",
  "ip_addresses": [
  "status": "active",
  "incoming_port_range": [50000, 51000],
  "outgoing_port_range": [50000, 51000]


globus-connect-server node setup

Set up a data transfer node

globus-connect-server node delete

Delete a data transfer node from an endpoint

globus-connect-server node list

List data transfer nodes used by an endpoint

globus-connect-server node show

Show information about a data transfer node

globus-connect-server node update

Update a data transfer node

globus-connect-server node cleanup

Clean up a data transfer node

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