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globus update - Update the Globus CLI to its latest version


globus update ['OPTIONS']



This command requires having pip. If you used an alternative method of installing the Globus CLI you can install pip to run this command, or manually update the Globus CLI using the method you used for install.

The globus update command checks if a more recent version of the Globus CLI is available on PyPi, and if so asks for user consent to update to the most recent version available.



Automatically consent to an update if one is available.

-h, --help

Show help text for this command.

-v, --verbose

Control the level of output.

Use -v or --verbose to show warnings and any additional text output.

Use -vv to add informative logging.

Use -vvv to add debug logging and full stack on any errors. (equivalent to -v --debug)


0 on success.

1 if a network or server error occurred.

2 if the command was used improperly.

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