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globus login - Log into Globus to get credentials for the Globus CLI


globus login ['OPTIONS']


The globus login command directs you to the page necessary to permit the Globus CLI to make API calls for you, and gets the OAuth2 tokens needed to use those permissions.

The default login method opens your browser to the Globus CLI’s authorization page, where you can read and consent to the permissions required to use the Globus CLI. The CLI then takes care of getting the credentials through a local server.

If the CLI detects you are on a remote session, or the --no-local-server option is used, the CLI will instead print a link for you to manually follow to the Globus CLI’s authorization page. After consenting you will then need to copy and paste the given access code from the web to the CLI.



Login even if the CLI already has valid login credentials. Any existing credentials will be removed from local storage and globally revoked.


Use manual login. You will be given a link to follow and must respond with a copied and pasted access code from that link. Implied if the CLI detects you are on a remote session.

-h, --help

Show help text for this command.

-v, --verbose

Control the level of output.

Use -v or --verbose to show warnings and any additional text output.

Use -vv to add informative logging.

Use -vvv to add debug logging and full stack on any errors. (equivalent to -v --debug)


0 on success.

1 if a network or server error occurred.

2 if the command was used improperly.

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