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globus logout - Logout of the Globus CLI


globus logout ['OPTIONS']


The globus logout command both removes all tokens used for authenticating the user from local storage and revokes them so that they cannot be used anymore globally.

If an expected token cannot be found in local storage a warning will be raised as it is possible the token still exists and needs to be manually rescinded at for security.



Automatically say yes to the "Are you sure you want to logout?" prompt.

-h, --help

Show help text for this command.

-v, --verbose

Control the level of output.

Use -v or --verbose to show warnings and any additional text output.

Use -vv to add informative logging.

Use -vvv to add debug logging and full stack on any errors. (equivalent to -v --debug)


0 on success.

1 if a network or server error occurred.

2 if the command was used improperly.

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