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globus task wait - Wait for a Task to complete


globus task wait ['OPTIONS'] 'TASK_ID'

globus task wait --timeout 'N' --polling-interval 'M' --heartbeat ['OPTIONS'] 'TASK_ID'


The globus task wait command polls a task to see if it has completed. It waits until the timeout is reached, checking every M seconds (where M is the polling interval).

If the task succeeds by then, it exits with status 0. Otherwise, it exits with status 1.


--timeout 'N'

Wait a maximum of 'N' seconds. If omitted, globus task wait will wait indefinitely, until the task succeeds or fails.

--polling-interval 'M'

Check task status (and potentially hearbeat) every 'M' seconds. Defaults to 1.


Turn on heartbeats. When set, a '.' character will be printed to standard error every polling interval.

--map-http-status 'TEXT'

Map non success HTTP response codes to exit codes other than 1. e.g. "--map-http-satus 403=0,404=0" would exit with 0 even if a 403 or 404 http error code was received. Valid exit codes are 0,1,50-99.

-F, --format '[json|text]'

Set the output format for stdout. Defaults to "text".

--jq, --jmespath 'EXPR'

Supply a JMESPath expression to apply to json output. Takes precedence over any specified '--format' and forces the format to be json processed by this expression.

A full specification of the JMESPath language for querying JSON structures may be found at

-h, --help

Show help text for this command.

-v, --verbose

Control the level of output.

Use -v or --verbose to show warnings and any additional text output.

Use -vv to add informative logging.

Use -vvv to add debug logging and full stack on any errors. (equivalent to -v --debug)


When text output is requested, no output is written to standard out. All output is written to standard error.

When JSON output is requested, the standard error output remains, but the task status after waiting will be sent to stdout.


Wait 30 seconds for a task to complete, printing heartbeats to stderr and producing a JSON description of the task at the end:

$ globus task wait --timeout 30 -H --format json TASK_ID

Wait for a task without limit, silently, polling every 5 minutes:

$ globus task wait --polling-interval 300 TASK_ID


0 on success.

1 if a network or server error occurred, unless --map-http-status has been used to change exit behavior on http error codes.

2 if the command was used improperly.

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