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globus session update - Update the user’s CLI auth session


globus session update [OPTIONS] [UUID_OR_USERNAME(s)]


The globus session update command starts an authentication flow with Globus Auth similarly to globus login but specifies which identities to authenticate with.

After successful authentication, the user’s CLI auth session will be updated with any new identities and current Auth Times.

The given UUIDs or usernames must be in the user’s identity set.



Shortcut to specify that the user wants to authenticate with every identity in their identity set rather than list them all as separate arguments. If this option is given, no UUID_OR_USERNAME arguments should be given.


Use manual authentication. You will be given a link to follow and must respond with a copied and pasted access code from that link. Implied if the CLI detects you are on a remote session.

-h, --help

Show help text for this command.

-v, --verbose

Control the level of output.

Use -v or --verbose to show warnings and any additional text output.

Use -vv to add informative logging.

Use -vvv to add debug logging and full stack on any errors. (equivalent to -v --debug)


0 on success.

1 if a network or server error occurred.

2 if the command was used improperly.

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