Last Updated: October 19, 2018

Globus Connect Server v4 Authorization and Authentication

A detailed description of the interactions between various components that manage authentication/authorization when a user transfers or shares files using Globus. To start using Globus at your institution, see our Globus Connect Server v4 Installation Guide.

High Assurance Security Overview

An overview of the security features of the Globus high assurance tier, which meets higher authentication and authorization standards for access to restricted data. To learn more about using Globus to manage protected data, refer to High Assurance Collections for Protected Data.

High Assurance Eligible Services

A list of services that may be used to manage protected data with a High Assurance or HIPAA BAA subscription.

Security Bulletins

A listing of Globus Security Bulletins.

Security FAQs

Answers to frequently asked security questions.

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