Premium Storage Connectors

Last Updated: November 4, 2019

Premium Storage Connectors enable you to add Globus endpoints to access non-POSIX filesystems, including various object stores and archival storage systems.

Premium Storage Connectors are available only on managed endpoints covered under a Globus subscription.

Every Premium Storage Connector requires a working Globus Connect Server deployment and installation of an additional package that is custom for the storage system.


Different versions of Globus Connect Server may support different connectors.

Globus Connect Server v5

For detailed information for Globus Connect Server v5.4, see the Premium Storage Connectors for GCSv5.4 Documentation.

Past Versions

Globus Connect Server version 5.3 has been deprecated, and prior versions are no longer supported. Please upgrade version 5.3 to version 5.4 by reading the Migration Guide and using the version 5.3 migration tool.

The Globus Connect Server v5.3 Installation Guide is provided for reference only.

Globus Connect Server v4

For information for Globus Connect Server v4, see the Premium Storage Connectors for GCSv4 Documentation.