The Modern Research Data Portal: A Design Pattern for Networked, Data-Intensive Science

The Modern Research Data Portal is a new design pattern for providing secure, scalable, and high performance access to research data.

GitHub Repo(opens in new window)

provides code for the simple data portal that you can experiment with online

Example Data Portal(opens in new window)

allows you to experiment with an example implementation of the design pattern

Code Walkthrough

provides a narrative description of the simple data portal code

Jupyter Notebook(opens in new window)

demonstrates some Globus features described in the technical article

A technical article describes this design pattern, reviews representative examples at research laboratories and universities (see below), and uses coding examples to demonstrate how Globus APIs can be used to implement a range of research data portal capabilities.

Chard K, Dart E, Foster I, Shifflett D, Tuecke S, Williams J. (2017) The Modern Research Data Portal: A design pattern for networked, data-intensive science. PeerJ Articles:cs-144 in new window)


The following are examples of research data portals described in the article.