Find and use a mapped collection from the Globus Web App

Mapped collections require a local account on the endpoint server to access data. They are created by the endpoint administrator during Globus Connect Server deployment and configuration.

Locate a mapped collection using the File Manager section of the Globus Web App. Search for a collection using its name or any keywords that describe the hosting endpoint or the mapped collection itself.

Search for mapped collection

After you find the correct mapped collection in the search results, you’ll see a directory listing of your files.

Mapped collection directory listing

High-assurance mapped collections have strict authentication requirements that are configured by the endpoint administrator. Specifically, to access the collection, you must authenticate with a specific identity provider. (Authenticating with a linked identity isn’t sufficient. You’ll be prompted to authenticate with the required provider if you haven’t already.) The authentication is valid for a specific time period determined by the collection administrator, after which you’ll have to authenticate again. You must authenticate separately for each application session (e.g., web browser session) and on each device that you use to access the collection.