Access and share data from a guest collection

Once you’ve created a guest collection, you can access and share data from the File Manager section of the Globus Web App. Use the search field to find your guest collection.

Search for guest collection

Select your guest collection from the search results. You’ll then see a directory listing of your data.

Guest collection listing

To allow other users to access the collection, click "Permissions."

Share guest collection

The Sharing screen shows how the collection is currently shared. The Add Permission form allows you to search for users or groups and grant them read or read/write permissions to the data.

Sharing screen

For high-assurance guest collections, stricter authentication rules apply. Specifically, Globus users must authenticate to the identity specified in the guest collection’s permissions. (Authenticating to a linked identity isn’t sufficient. The user will be prompted to authenticate to the required identity if the user isn’t already.) Authentication is only valid for a specific period, after which the user must re-authenticate. Users must authenticate separately for each application session (e.g., web browser session) and on each device they use to access the collection. Also, if you use a group to grant access to a high-assurance collection, the group must be designated for high-assurance use.

Complete the form and press the Add Permission button to share the data.

Sharing screen completed

You can also allow other Globus users or Globus Groups to manage your collection by assigning roles. To learn more, see our documentation here.