The Select Group helper page can be used to redirect your users to the Globus Web App and allow them to select one or more groups. The selected group(s) will be returned to you by way of an HTML form POST action.

Select Group is located at https://app.globus.org/select-group

Supported Query Parameters

  • action

  • cancelurl

  • multiple


Used for the <form> element’s action attribute value.


Used as the destination to redirect the client to in the event the "Cancel" button is clicked.


If set to yes (default) the user will be allowed to select multiple groups (checkboxes). If set to no or any value other than yes the user will be limited to selecting a single group (radio buttons).


When the user submits the form, the following data will be sent to the URL specified by the action parameter:

  • groupUuid[0], groupUuid[1], …​ groupUuid[n]

  • groupName[0], groupName[1], …​ groupName[n]

If the user selects multiple groups, they will appear in the same order in both lists such that, e.g., groupName[2] is the name and groupUuid[2] is the UUID of the third group in the user’s selection.