The Browse Endpoint helper page can be used to redirect your users to the Globus Web App where they will be able to select a target endpoint and optionally files and/or folders. The selected target will be returned to you by way of an HTML form POST (default) action.

Browse Endpoint is located at https://app.globus.org/file-manager?action=https://your.callback.url

Supported Query Parameters

  • method

  • action (required)

  • cancelurl

  • folderlimit

  • filelimit

  • label

  • ep


The method parameter will be used for the <form> element’s method attribute.

Valid values: POST, GET. Default: POST.


Used for the <form> element’s action attribute value.


Used as the destination to redirect the client to in the event the "Cancel" button is clicked.


Limits the number of folders that a user may select in the endpoint browser. If folderlimit is 0 then selecting folders is not allowed.


Limits the number of files that a user may select in the endpoint browser. If filelimit is 0 then selecting files is not allowed.


Used to pre-fill the "Label This Transfer" field.


When the user submits the form, the following data will be sent to the URL specified by the action parameter as stringified JSON in the request body:

  • Fields from the endpoint or collection:

    • endpoint_id – the id from selected Endpoint Document.

    • entity_type – see entity types for more details on possible values.

    • high_assurance

  • Properties from the user-selected state:

    • path

    • label

    • folder[0], folder[1], …​ folder[n] (if any; relative to path)

    • file[0], file[1], …​ file[n] (if any; relative to path)

Additionally, the parameters that the Browse Endpoint page was initialized with (e.g. action, cancelurl, method) will be echoed back in the data.