Browse Endpoint


The Browse Endpoint helper page can be used to redirect your users to the Globus web app where they will be able to select a target endpoint and optionally files and/or folders. The selected target will be returned to you by way of an HTML form POST (default) action.

Browse Endpoint is located at

Supported Query Parameters

  • method

  • action

  • cancelurl

  • folderlimit

  • filelimit

  • label

  • ep


The method parameter will be used for the <form> element’s method attribute.

Valid values: POST, GET. Default: POST.


Used for the <form> element’s action attribute value.


Used as the destination to redirect the client to in the event the "Cancel" button is clicked.


Limits the number of folders that a user may select in the endpoint browser. If folderlimit is 0 then selecting folders is not allowed.


Limits the number of files that a user may select in the endpoint browser. If filelimit is 0 then selecting files is not allowed.


Used to pre-fill the "Label This Transfer" field.


When the user submits the form, the following data will be sent to the URL specified by the action parameter:

  • endpoint_id

  • path

  • folder[0], folder[1], …​ folder[n] (if any; relative to path)

  • file[0], file[1], …​ file[n] (if any; relative to path)

  • label

Additionally, the parameters that the Browse Endpoint page was initialized with (e.g. action, cancelurl, method) will be echoed back in the data.