You can use Globus to access, share, and manage data stored in your Google Drive. This document describes how to connect Globus to your Google Drive.

Note:To connect Globus to your Google Drive, you need access to a Globus Connect Server endpoint that supports the Google Drive connector. This type of endpoint must be installed and configured by a system administrator and requires an active subscription. If your institution does not have such an endpoint, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Following the steps in this document, you will create a Globus guest collection for your Google Drive account so that Globus capabilities can be used with your Google Drive storage. Initially, only you can access the guest collection and its contents. If you choose, you can then grant others access to the collection via Globus.

The following is a summary of steps needed to create your Google Drive Share:

  1. Find your institution’s Globus Connect Server endpoint with Google Drive enabled and open the Globus Collections app. You’ll either get the URL to the Collections app from your institution or search for it in the Endpoints page.

  2. Using the app, register your Google Drive account with the server endpoint.

  3. Create one or more guest collections using your registered Google Drive account.

1. Find a Globus Connect Server that supports the Google Drive connector

To begin, you must find your institution’s Globus Connect Server that supports the Google Drive connector (GCSv5 Connector). You can get that information from your institution or search for the endpoint on the Endpoints page.


Select an endpoint and click the right arrow to view its description. Most likely, the endpoint will only allow accounts from specific Google domains (e.g., "") to be connected. The description may list the permitted Google domains. If not, subsequent screens will reveal them.


Click the Shares tab and then click Add a Shared Endpoint.


2. Register your Google Account with a Globus Connect Server

To connect your Google Drive to the endpoint, you must first register your Google Account with the endpoint using the Collections app. The first time you use the Collections app with an endpoint, Globus will ask you to allow the app to manage collections for you on the endpoint. Click Allow.


The Collections app will display the types of storage that can be connected to the endpoint. Choose the one that says "(Google Drive)."


Next, you must enter the Google account to register with the endpoint. Enter the account that has the Google Drive you want to connect and choose its Google domain from the list of permitted domains. Farther down the page, choose one of your Globus identities to manage this registration.

Note:The Google Account domain selector will contain the domains permitted by the endpoint. If you do not have a Google account in one of these domains, you cannot connect your Google Drive to this endpoint.

Next, Google may prompt you to select the Google account you wish to use.


Google will ask you to allow the endpoint to access your Google Drive. Click Allow.


3. Create your guest collection

Now that your Google Drive is connected to the endpoint, the Collection app asks which folder in your Google Drive should be accessible via Globus. Enter the folder name in the Base Directory field or leave it blank to use the default. In the Globus endpoint section below, enter information that will help you (and others) find your guest collection in Globus searches. The Endpoint Display Name is the name that will appear in search results and lists on the Endpoints page. A Description or Keywords can make the collection easily recognizable in searches and lists. You may optionally enter a Default Directory to open when the endpoint is accessed or leave this field blank to use the default. Click Create Endpoint when you are finished.


When your guest collection is ready, you can use it to access the contents of your Google Drive. The Collections app offers several next steps.

Note:At this point, only you can access the contents of your Google Drive via the guest collection. If you wish to share your data with others via Globus, click Share data on this new endpoint with others. For help with sharing permissions, start with Step 5 in our how-to article, How to share data using Globus.