globus-connect-server-setup - Set up Globus Connect Server services


globus-connect-server-setup [OPTIONS]


The globus-connect-server-setup command performs the initial setup of the GCS-related services. It creates a GCS endpoint, and then enables the services needed to interact with the endpoint.

Before running this command, update the /etc/globus-connect-server.conf file to, at a minimum, contain values for

  • [Globus].ClientId

  • [Globus].ClientSecret

  • [Endpoint].Name

  • [LetsEncrypt].Email

  • [LetsEncrypt].AgreeToS


-c, --config-file CONFIG_FILE

Use CONFIG_FILE instead of /etc/globus-connect-server.conf

-v, --verbose

Print more information about tasks

-r, --root ROOT

Add ROOT as the directory prefix for the configuration

-f, --force

Ignore errors and existing configuration

-l, --log LOG

Log execution information to LOG

-u, --endpoint-uuid UUID

Modify the endpoint with the specified UUID

-m, --migrate

Migrate a GCS v5.0 endpoint

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