globus-connect-server-config collection create - Create a collection


globus-connect-server-config collection create [OPTIONS]


The collection create subcommand creates a new collection. Currently this supports creating "mapped" collections---those which map an OAuth identity username to a local user account. Visit to create "guest" collections.

The storage gateway id (returned from the globus-connect-server-config storage gateway create or globus-connect-server-config storage gateway list commands) and the display name of the collection are required to create a new collection.

The newly created collection inherits its policy from the storage gateway it is associated with.


Create a POSIX storage gateway and then a mapped collection rooted at the storage gateway.

    $ sudo globus-connect-server-config storage-gateway create \
        -r '$HOME' -t "POSIX" -n "Home directories" -d \
        --allow-mapped-collections --disallow-guest-collections \
    Storage Gateway Created: f97ca3dc-96b2-4923-97ac-3291ffefe74f

    $ sudo globus-connect-server-config collection create \
        -i f97ca3dc-96b2-4923-97ac-3291ffefe74f \
        -n "Mapped Home Directories"
    Created collection 1e16f4c0-a7cd-4c58-9e6a-3684d92a3de9


-h, --help

Show this message and exit.

-i, --storage-gateway-id ID

Create a collection on storage gateway ID [required]

-t, --collection-type [mapped]

Type of collection to create

-n, --display-name NAME

Display name of the collection [required]

-r, --root ROOT

Root directory of the collection. The default is /, which is the storage gateway root

-d, --default-directory DIRECTORY

Default directory when browsing the collection

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