Migrating to Globus Connect Server v5.4

Last Updated: May 4, 2022

Globus Connect Server version 5.4

Globus Connect Server version 5 is the next evolution of the server software. It provides new capabilities and enhancements for both administrators and users, and platform features to build interesting solutions for data management.

The latest release is Globus Connect Server version 5.4, and offers the following features.

  • Guest collections (data sharing with collaborators)

  • Mapped collections (access for users with local accounts)

  • HTTPS access to data - for direct access from browsers and other HTTPS clients

  • GridFTP access to data - for reliable, bulk data transfer via the Globus transfer service

  • High assurance features for management of protected data

  • Support for the following storage systems: Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, POSIX, POSIX with file staging, Box, CEPH, S3, SpectraLogic BlackPearl, iRODS

  • An integrated OIDC server for authentication using any service configured via PAM

    Endpoint Migration Guide

    Instructions on how to update an endpoint to use Globus Connect Server v5.4.

    Application Migration Guide

    Changes needed to support Globus Connect Server v5.4 endpoints in applications.