These instructions assume that you have already installed the installation prerequisites.

Install Virtualenv

Try the following command

virtualenv --version

and see if you get a "command not found" error.

If you get a version number, it means you have virtualenv installed. Otherwise, run the following:

pip install --user virtualenv

Install the Globus CLI

To install, run the following commands:

virtualenv "$HOME/.globus-cli-virtualenv"
source "$HOME/.globus-cli-virtualenv/bin/activate"
pip install globus-cli
export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.globus-cli-virtualenv/bin"
echo 'export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.globus-cli-virtualenv/bin"' >> "$HOME/.bashrc"

This will install the CLI and its dependencies into $HOME/.globus-cli-virtualenv, and add it to your shell.

See that the CLI is installed:

globus --help

Note on Other Shells

If you shell is not Bash, you will have to add export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.globus-cli-virtualenv/bin" to your shell’s initialization file instead of adding it to "$HOME/.bashrc", as the above commands do.

Uninstalling a Virtualenv Install

To remove the CLI:

rm -r "$HOME/.globus-cli-virtualenv"

You should also edit your $HOME/.bashrc and remove the line that reads export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.globus-cli-virtualenv/bin".

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