Oct 2019

  • Add user_message and user_message_link endpoint fields to support clients displaying a message to users of an endpoint

  • Additional checks for High Assurance GCP configuration

Feb 2019

  • Add external checksum support to transfer tasks

  • Add filter_non_functional query parameter to endpoint_search

7.2 (Dec 2018)

  • Add /endpoint/<endpoint id>/shared_endpoint_list API, which supports over 1000 results

  • The is_connected and is_paused server fields, which were deprecated in 2015, are now set to False for GCP endpoints. Use the endpoint-level fields (gcp_paused, gcp_connected) instead.

7.0 (Aug 2018)

  • Require TLS 1.2 for HTTPS

  • Higher Assurance support (HIPAA)

  • GCS 5.2 support

  • Task submit will now fail (PermissionDenied) if the user has no effective ACLs

  • When looking up an endpoint, a bare UUID is only looked up globally, not in the legacy per-user endpoint namespace, so shadowing is prevented.

  • GCP: Any linked id can activate and use a GCP endpoint. (Linking ids in any direction will not cause it to break). A GCP endpoint is still permanently owned by the single id that created it (endpoint.owner_id).

  • Allow endpoint.owner_id to be set (overridden) during endpoint creation. This must be one of the user’s linked ids. Default: effective id.

  • Remove deprecated "user" and "email" ACL types, which were being silently converted to identity ACLs

  • "all users" and "all anonymous" groups are not looked up for endpoint roles

6.1 (Apr 2018)

  • Removed deprecated ability to change servers in endpoint PUT. Use the server API instead.

  • Clarify and fix authorization requirements of my_shared_endpoint_list

6.0 (Feb 2018)

  • Removed deprecated /endpoint_list (use /endpoint_search)

5.9 (Jan 2018)

  • Add perf_cc/p/pp/udt options to transfer task submit

  • Add pinned bookmark attribute

5.8 (Oct 2017)

5.7 (Aug 2017)

  • Add skip_activation_check to transfer/delete task submit

  • Add absolute_path to dir listing response

5.6 (Jul 2017)

  • endpoint.subscription_id is now changeable via PUT

  • endpoint.owner_string can only be changed to an identity of the requester

  • Add symlinks support. This requires an updated GridFTP endpoint.

5.5 (Mar 2017)

  • Endpoint PUT: The owner_string can be changed to any administrator set by a user-identity role (and that role can not be deleted). Note that owner_id will not change.

  • Endpoint search "shared-by-me" and "my_shared_endpoint_list" return shared endpoints for which you are an administrator or access_manager

  • Endpoint "administrator" role now implies "activity_manager"

  • Remove per-owner_id unique constraint on endpoint display_name

5.4 (Dec 2016)

  • Don’t require explicit activation for myproxy.globusonline.org endpoints (GCP, Shared Endpoints, Anonymous FTP endpoints, Tutorial endpoints)

  • Remove legacy "subtask_link" from task resource

5.3 (Nov 2016)

  • Endpoint Roles

    • Add "activity_manager", "activity_monitor", and "administrator" roles

  • Advanced Endpoint Management

    • There are now two levels of permissions, and they are mediated by the "activity_manager" and "activity_monitor" roles.

  • Endpoint Search

    • Add "administered-by-me" scope

  • Endpoint Management

    • The my_effective_roles field can now contain the new roles. In particular, the owner of an endpoint will always have the "administrator" role on the endpoint.

  • Removed legacy support for an admin seeing tasks they don’t own in /task_list. Use the /endpoint_manager APIs instead.

5.2 (July 2016)

  • Advanced Endpoint Management

    • Add owner_string to task document.

    • Change semantics of filter_owner_id (and the deprecated filter_username) so that it searches both owner_id and linked ids. Both now require filter_endpoint to be passed if querying against completed tasks.

    • Change semantics of pause rules with identity_id, so they apply to tasks with a matching owner_id or a matching linked id.

    • Support having Endpoint Manager privileges on a shared endpoint, independent of the host. Authorization on many resources has been adjusted to handle this change.

    • Add created_by_host_manager and endpoint_display_name to pause_rule document type. Pause rules can now be set on shared endpoints.

    • Change monitored_endpoints resource to return full endpoint documents.

    • Add resource for getting endpoint access rules as an Endpoint Manager.

    • Add files_transferred to task document type.

    • Add display_name, owner_id, and owner_string to host_endpoint_info document type.

  • Endpoint Management

    • Add local_user_info_available to endpoint document.

  • Limit HTTP requests to 100MB.

5.1 (March 2016)

  • Endpoint Search

    • Add filter_owner_id to replace the deprecated filter_owner_username. The latter is still supported for now, but clients should migrate.

    • Ranking: managed endpoints are ranked higher, miscellaneous improvements.

  • Task Management

    • Add owner_id field to task document, deprecate username.

  • Advanced Endpoint Management

    • Add owner_id field to task document, deprecate username.

    • Add filter_owner_id query parameter to task_list resource, and deprecate filter_username.

    • Add source_local_user, source_local_user_status, destination_local_user, and destination_local_user_status to "task" documents.

5.0 (Feb 2016)

  • Endpoint

    • Add owner_id and owner_string fields, deprecate username.

  • Endpoint Access Rules

    • The id field is now a UUID string, instead of an integer id.

    • Add 'anonymous' principal type

    • Remove 'user' and 'email' principal types, replace with single 'identity' type.

    • Remove 'send_email' option, replace with 'notify_email' and 'notify_message'

  • Endpoint Roles

    • Replace 'user' principal type with 'identity' principal type.

  • Pause Rules

    • Add identity_id and modified_by_id fields; deprecate username and modified_by.

  • New resources

4.7 (Nov 2015)

  • Endpoint Search

    • Change full text search to match on prefix instead of whole word.

    • Increase weights of display_name, canonical_name, and keywords for full text result ordering.

    • Add search scope 'my-gcp-endpoints'.

    • Fix bug preventing utf8 search terms in filter_fulltext.

4.6 (Nov 2015)

  • Endpoint

  • New API: Endpoints Most Recently Used (MRU)

    • GET /endpoint_mru_list?limit=N, max limit of 100.

    • Returns the most recently used endpoints for the current user, up to the specified limit, sorted by how recently they were used. Currently only submitting a transfer or delete tasks to an endpoint counts as 'using' the endpoint.

    • Also supports the standard fields query parameter.

    • Note that /endpoint_search?scope=recently-used is still sorted by endpoint name, not by how recently each endpoint was used.

    • This API is alpha and is likely to change in the near future.

4.5 (Oct 2015)

  • New Endpoint Search API (this was actually added in 4.4 but was incomplete).

  • Endpoint

    • Add gcp_connected and gcp_paused to endpoint document.

    • Fix backward incompatible change in 4.4 causing an error when myproxy_dn is set to an empty string. It is now mapped to null in endpoint update, but clients are still encouraged to send null and not empty string.

  • Task

4.4 (Oct 2015)

  • New Endpoint Bookmarks API.

  • Endpoint

    • Add id and host_endpoint_id, display_name, host_endpoint_display_name, subscription_id, contact_info, contact_email, info_link, organization, departement, and keywords, network_use, location, subscription_id, min_concurrency, preferred_concurrency, min_parallelism, preferred_parallelism to endpoint document.

    • All resources with an endpoint param in URI can now take an id. Using a canonical name is still supported but is deprecated.

    • Add id field to endpoint and shared endpoint create result documents.

  • Transfer and Delete

    • The source_endpoint and destination_endpoint fields can be id in addition to canonical names. Using canonical name will be deprecated and eventually removed.

  • Task

    • Add source_endpoint_id, destination_endpoint_id, source_endpoint_display_name, destination_endpoint_display_name to task document.

4.3 (July 2015)

4.2 (April 2015)

  • Endpoint ACL management delegation (new feature)

  • Admin task cancel (new feature)

    • Task

      • Added fields canceled_by_admin and canceled_by_admin_message to the task document

    • Events

      • Change details of the "CANCELED" event. This replaces the current details of "num_subtasks=N":

        • if canceled by the owner: "Canceled by the task owner"

        • if canceled by an administrator: "Canceled by the administrator of X", where X is either "the source endpoint", "the destination endpoint" or "both source and destination endpoints".

    • Advanced Endpoint Management

      • Add new admin cancel API, see Cancel tasks as admin. A notification email is sent to the task owner when an administrator cancels a task.

      • All users with read only Endpoint Monitor management console privileges on an endpoint will be upgraded to Endpoint Manager privileges, meaning they will be able to cancel tasks on the endpoints they were monitoring. We do not yet provide a way of giving a user the ability to monitor tasks without being able to cancel them.

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