Upgrades from v0.4.0

Breaking Changes

There are no breaking changes in v0.4.1

Major Improvements

  • Enforce size limits on indices — each index is now limited to a total size

    • If your quota is too low, please contact us about raising it

    • All current indices should be well within their quotas

    • If you fill your quota, you may notice that your usage may mildly exceed your stated quota. This is not a bug. Search can’t accurately evaluate the storage cost of documents until they are stored, so quota enforcement is done by checking if you have exceeded your quota.

  • Add an API endpoint for getting data about indices, including their current quota and usage

    • This is a simple GET call which returns a GSearchIndex document


  • Fix the handling of operators inside of field values in advanced query parsing. Expressions like foo:(bar && baz) should now parse correctly

Minor Improvements

  • Add an overview documentation page

  • Internal stability enhancements

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